Communion /Altar Rail Kneelers

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Communion /Altar Rail Kneelers

We have a lot of experience and expertise in making Altar Rail and Communion Rail Kneelers.

We are proud to have supplied these for Places of Worship all over the UK, from the smallest of country churches to the High Altar at Canterbury Cathedral. We are able to make them to any size, any thickness and they can be shaped if necessary.

Our bespoke Altar Rail Kneeler Cushions
Bespoke Altar Rail Kneelers…
Our Church Altar Rail Kneelers can be made any size
…Made any size you require
Matching or contrasting piping gives our kneelers that finishing touch
We can add matching or contrasting piping to our kneelers
An Embroidered Altar Rail Kneeler Cushion Our Altar Rail Kneeler Cushions can be Embroidered if required
Bespoke embroidery also an option for our Altar Rail Church  Kneelers Bespoke embroidered 'Oxford Hussars' Altar Kneelers for Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford
Curved Altar Rail Kneelers
We can also supply curved Altar Rail Kneelers
Proudly made in Bristol

Our Altar Kneelers can be made in any of our numerous fabrics and we have a choice of foam fillings available. If you wish, the Kneelers can be edged with a matching or contrasting piping, according to your preference.

Altar Rail Kneelers for All Saints, Margaret Street, London W1
Our Altar rail kneelers can be angled to fit around shaped plinths Angled Altar Rail Kneelers for St. Mary’s, Tenbury Wells
Altar Rail Kneeler Cushions Altar Rail Kneelers for St. Mary’s, Hadlow
Altar Rail KneelersBespoke Altar Rail Kneeler Cushions for St. Ninian’s Cathedral, Perth

We have a special Free Altar Rail Kneeler Sample Pack available that we will happily send you without obligation. Please click here for details.

We can supply shaped Altar Rail Kneelers
Shaped Cushions not a problem
Altar kneeler cushions
Altar Kneelers for St. Barnabas, Winchester