Our incoming phone lines are open 10.00am to 1.00pm and 1.30pm to 3.00pm, Monday to Thursday only, however, we are all here working full, normal hours, i.e. 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday, so if you need to email, or leave a voicemail, we will gladly respond promptly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a selection of answers to the questions, that we are commonly asked by customers, relating to Enquiries, Church Cushions and our Company.

ENQUIRY Frequently Asked Questions…
QHow do I obtain a Quotation?

Firstly, we need to send you one of our Free Sample Packs, in order for our Quotation to make any sense to you. Then once you have received the pack, if you then can kindly give us some approximate sizes and quantities, we will be delighted to give you options and prices… all valid for 12 months.

QWhat is in your free Sample Pack?

We send different free Sample Packs depending on what type of our cushions you are interested in. We have separate Sample Packs for Pew Cushions, Individual Kneelers and Altar Kneelers. All our Packs contain numerous fabric samples and also different foam types.

QHow do I measure?

Over 1,000 Places of Worship have successfully measured for our Church Cushions as it is a very simple process and we of course can help guide you at every stage of your enquiry.

QCan I speak to previous customers you have supplied?

Absolutely! We actively encourage you to contact or visit other Places of Worship that we have supplied. Please click here to go to an alphabetical list of some of our previous customers, in postcode order.

QDid you really supply Canterbury Cathedral?

Yes, we certainly did. We are very proud of the fact that we were chosen to create the bespoke cushions required for the High Altar at Canterbury Cathedral.

QOur Church is very small; are you still interested in supplying a small order?

Yes, we pride ourselves on giving just as much care, attention and good service to a Place of Worship ordering maybe only a few of our cushions, as we would give to a very large order.

QAre you the cheapest?

Probably not! Ever since we started making Church Cushions over 26 years ago, we have never aimed to be the cheapest. However, we firmly believe that we create unbeatable quality cushions at a fair price.

QFor how long are your Quotations valid?

We realise the vast majority of the enquiries we receive from Places of Worship are going to be decided upon by Committee… and that Committees often move slowly! Therefore, we are pleased to honour our Quotations for a full 12 months, even in these times of fast rising prices.

QWhat is your lead time?

This varies according to the time of year and how many other orders we are working on at the time. We will be happy to advise you when you enquire and if you need your order for a specific occasion then we will always try and oblige.

CUSHION Frequently Asked Questions…
QAre your cushion covers removable?

Yes, every cushion we create has a full-length zip, so removing the covers is always possible.

QAre your cushion covers washable?

We have a particular range of fabrics, called Pimlico, which is a lovely chenille velvet available in many colours that has the added advantage of being fully machine washable!

QAre your cushions Wipeable or Sanitisable?

In light of Covid, we have recently added a range of ‘Faux Leathers’ to our already wide range of fabrics.

QAre your cushions single sided or double-sided?

All our cushions have the same fabric on both sides. Assuming they are not shaped, this makes them fully reversible.

QAre your cushions piped?

Our Pew Cushions can be piped around their edges, or with a plain seam. The piping does not add anything to the durability of the cushions; it’s purely an aesthetic look that some people prefer. We also have thinner Pew Runners, which are not piped.

QAre your cushions guaranteed?

Yes, we use top quality foams and fabrics, so we are proud to offer a 10-year Guarantee on all our Church Cushions.

QDo your cushions slip?

The weight of the cushions and their fit within the pews is normally sufficient to prevent any slipping. If you did find this was an issue, we have ‘non-slip matting’ available at a small extra cost to fit under the cushions, but to be honest it is extremely rarely required.

QAre your fabrics ‘clearance’, or on-going?

We make a point of not using ‘clearance’ fabrics. Although they would be cheaper, we like to know that all our fabrics come from long standing, reputable Mills. We also are glad that by using only on-going fabrics, we can almost always make you just one replacement matching cover if you had an accident in years to come. Whereas if we used clearance fabrics this would not be possible.

QWhat foam do you use?

We use different grades of fire retardant foam according to the situation our cushions are going to be used in and we always let you see and feel these foams before you make your choices.

QWhat is your minimum order quantity?

We are very happy to say our Minimum Order Quantity is just 1!

QAre your cushions fire retardant?

Yes, all our foams and fabrics comply with the relevant Fire Retardancy Regulations.

QAre your cushions made in the UK?

Yes they are, here in the good old West Country!

QCan you cope with odd shapes?

Yes, whilst the vast majority of the cushions we create are rectangular, we also have the skills to cope with curved cushions, angled cushions and other oddities. We like a challenge… and we have always risen to it!

QIs there a standard size?

Unfortunately not. Every Place of Worship requires cushions to be created to different widths and lengths. Hence why we have no production lines! Every cushion is individually created.

QAre your cushions pre-made?

No, that is not possible, for the reasons above.

QCan I have my cushions embroidered?

Yes we can embroider writing, crests and other designs into some or all of the cushions we create for you, if you wish. Here are some examples of previous orders for embroidered cushions…

COMPANY Frequently Asked Questions…
QAre you an established company?

Yes, we are a family run, VAT Registered business that started making made-to-measure cushions right back in 1988 and then began making Church Cushions in 1997.

QWhere are you based?

Our premises are on the outskirts of Bristol, however we supply Places of Worship all over the UK.

QAre you an ‘internet only’ company?

Not at all. We are proud to own and occupy workshop and office premises on the outskirts of Bristol.

QDo I have to pay a deposit?

No, we have always worked on a ‘No Deposit Required’ basis and have never been let down yet! We don’t even ask you to pay for your order when it is delivered. We simply invoice you a week or so after delivery, for you to pay in due course.

QDo you supply private individuals?

We are set up to supply Places of Worship and so therefore not private individuals. However, click here for a link to our sister company, Bristol Upholstery, who are able to supply private individuals.

QDo you charge for delivery?

No, all our orders over £100 Exc. Vat are delivered free of charge to anywhere in Mainland UK.

QHow long have you been supplying Church Cushions?

Over 26 years. In that time, we are honoured to have supplied over 1,000 Places of Worship, from literally all 4 corners of the UK!

QCan you advise and help me?

Absolutely! Our friendly team in the office are here to help and advise you in an efficient, informative manner.

QAre your staff paid commission??

No, none of our staff are paid a commission. We are not the sort of company to ‘push’ or ‘pressure’. We find our way of treating potential customers results in far more Places of Worship proceeding with their valued order, than if we were a ‘pushy’ type of company.